SproutTel Business Phone Systems

With a Business Phone System from SproutTel, you get the power to find a solution that meets all of your business needs!

This is why we offer a range of On-Premise Business Phone System packages, so you can make an informed decision based on what your business needs most, so you communication with your staff, customers and suppliers with unrivaled ease. 

With features like Auto-Attendant, Call Queuing, Voicemail To Email coupled with Advanced Call Reporting, not only will you impress your customers with your customer service, but also use business insights to make sure you stay ahead of the game.

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Business Phone System Features!

Inbound & Outbound Call Management

Improving your customer service experience has never been easier by routing calls quickly and efficiently to where they need to go based on the type of calls you receive, promotions you are running or volume of calls. 

Increase your control over outbound calls and cut costs with our efficient management tools so you can route calls out the cheapest route, or control who can make international calls or calls to premium services via extension group or on a per-extension basis.

Auto Attendant

Let your admin team focus on what matters most with the help of an Auto-Attendant. 

Guide your customers through your business departments using the interactive voice response tool getting them to where they need to be quicker without having your administration staff stopping what they're doing just to transfer a call.

Call Recording

Whether for compliance and training purposes, transcribing sales calls, or simply recording a conference call - never finish a call again feeling like you've missed something. Control your recordings on either Inbound, Outbound calls or both, the choice is yours! 

Music On Hold / Professional Messages

Never fret putting a customer on hold again with the ability to promote your latest services or products with a professionally recorded message. Looking for something simpler, why not use one of our royalty free music samples?

Voicemail To Email

Never miss another voicemail again with our Voicemail To Email feature! Simply add your email address to your extension and whenever you receive a voicemail, we will send it to your email address automatically!


Fax Services / Fax2Email

We understand that not everyone has a fax machine these days, which is why we have combined the best of both worlds to bring you Fax2Email. Simply set up a fax extension with a fax number and we will send you your faxes as a PDF as soon as they come in.

Ring Groups and Call Queues

Rout your calls the right way for your business with Ring Groups and Call Queues. Add and remove agents based on your needs or based on your SLA times which are readily available. Keep your customers engaged with tailored on-hold music for each Queue or keep them informed with intermittent position announcements.


Being out of the office has never been easier with a range of options including mobile apps that tie directly into your phone system. Working from home or out on the road has never been this good meaning you can stay engaged with your colleagues and customers regardless of where you are in the world!

Call Reporting

Business Insights has never been so important, so why stop with your sales metrics? Keep your business running smooth with comprehensive call reporting. You can see and review User Activity, Call Distribution, Average Wait Times, SLA Statistics and more! 



The modern technological age is fraught with danger, which is why we take toll fraud and your security VERY seriously! With comprehensive security tools including global IP blacklists, password protection, multi-staged security policies and more, we do everything we can to keep you and your business protected.


We all know that things go wrong from time-to-time, the key is having the right tools at your disposal to resolve those issues quickly and with as little down-time as possible. With our Business Phone Systems, we have a wide array of diagnostic tools and notification systems to make sure we get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Emergency Services

Even in the best case scenarios, emergencies can happen which is why do our very best so you can rest easy knowing that your phone system can call Australia's common emergency services, day or night, be it 000, 112 or 106.

Get The Best Phone System For Your Business, Today!